Best Gold Watches for Men- A Buyer’s Guide

Gold watches are made for rich people and watch collectors. Gold is a precious metal and a watch made of gold costs around 30,000US$. Buying a gold wristwatch is a dream but you can fulfill your dream by buying a replica Rolex watch for less price. In recent years watch industry saw high demand for gold watches.

We are here to present the most favorite and attractive gold watches for men that hit the stage in recent years. Brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and many more are manufacturing authentic gold watches for men and women. The purpose of writing these lines is to introduce you to the world of gold watches.

What are the types of gold watches for men available in the market?

There are three different types of gold watches available in the market.

  • Yellow gold watches
  • Rose gold watches
  • White gold watches

Whichever type of gold you are selecting you should need one thing in mind all gold watches are made of 18k gold instead of 24k gold.

Why do they not use 24k gold to make a watch? The reason is that 24k gold is not suitable for molding and it is not hard enough to make anything. That’s the reason behind most jewelry and watches are made of 18k gold so they last long.

What other things are used in gold watches for men?

When it comes to gold watches are extra luxury items and some of these watches contain diamonds, sapphires, and other costly gemstones. The purpose of using these gemstones is to make a watch more attractive and luxurious.

Diamonds and gemstones are optional to select and if you select them to add to your watch then you will need to pay extra cost. A gold watch is a perfect thing to buy that value for money. As I mentioned before these watches are collectors’ items and over time their value will also increase. So, if you own a gold watch that you own from your forefather its worth is more than the time it was purchased.

Best Gold Watches for Men

Let’s take a look at the world’s best Rolex and Omega gold watches.

1. Rolex Daydate
Rolex day date 18k yellow gold watch is at the top of best gold watches. It is also known as the “President Watch”, the simple and elegant style of this watch always attracts watch lovers.
2. Rolex Daytona
Rolex Daytona 18k rose gold watch is considered the most valuable and loveable watch from the makers Rolex. If you love to wear chronographic watches then it’s a good choice for you.
3. Rolex Sky Dweller
It’s another masterpiece from Rolex that is available in 18k yellow gold. Its dial style makes it unique from other Rolex gold watches.
4. Omega Moonwatch
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is a perfect and beautiful watch for 18k yellow gold watch lovers. If you are an Omega watch lover then no other watch can beat the design and appearance of this masterpiece.
5. Omega Aqua Terra
When it comes to simplicity and a gold watch the Omega Aqua Terra 18k rose gold watch is a perfect choice. It comes in a unique style dial that contains 2 hands and a small second dial.

I hope after reading these lines, now it’s easy for you to choose the best gold watches for men that you are looking for.


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