The Best Cheap Watches with a Real Charm

Whether you’re looking for the ideal first watch, want an analog substitute for your smartwatch, or think it’s time to add a trending masterpiece to your collection, this guide has something for everyone, because I’m sure a lot of you have wondered if there are any inexpensive watches that you can easily buy on the go.

Although it’s easy to fall prey to the idea that a men’s watch needs to be expensive, this is just marketing speak. Some of the most renowned timepieces in recent years, including mechanical and quartz watches, have been priced considerably below £500, by brands like G-Shock, Swatch, and Tissot.

Below are some of the best cheap watches options for you to consider, as well as colourful dive watches, cheeky chronographs, and stylish variations on the stainless steel bracelet trend. Look around and see what appeals to you.\

5 Best Cheap Watches in 2023

Here are some of the best affordable options that you can add to your watch collection.


The updated Seiko 5 Sports collection, which was introduced in 2019, quickly gained recognition for its stylish design that drew inspiration from the SKX series, strong casing and movements with all-around usability.

This sleek 42.5mm black timepiece is one of the several models offered by Seiko 5 Sports. It has all the characteristics of a casual favourite, including a camo-cam-dial, a steel case, and a 100m depth rating. This sports watch, which has an in-house mechanism is inspired by the Japanese Olympian who won the gold medal.


Although there isn’t such a thing as a formal G-Shock, the G-Steel B500 at least channels the uncouth elegance of Hublot’s renowned Big Bang series, which is so adored by everyone from Jay-Z to Kylian Mbappe.

This wristwatch, a stainless steel addition to the company’s series of Carbon Core Guard watches, maintains the maker’s customary a bit heavy, uncouth charm while being the kind of timepiece you might almost suit up with.


The beauty of Timex is that it can instantly transform from basic budget-friendly timepieces to hip Snoopy automatic value. The Marlin 40mm is a throwback Rockstar that is on the rise with its automatic movement, while the Q-range offers stylish bracelets on a budget.

Moreover, the elegant and eye-catching California dial, with its rich silver sunburst face and hand-stitched quick-release leather strap, is unbeatable at this price. A powerful card in the old game is none other than Timex Marlin.


The PRX is a sensation that has disproved the concept that integrated bracelet grails are inaccessible, and Tissot has furthered this goal with the 42mm Chronograph model. The newest holy grail motion from Tissot features a panda dial with dark blue highlights and a striated arctic silver face that is reminiscent of a Grand Seiko.

It will be difficult to find a better Swiss chronograph wristwatch for the money. Although the second alternate option is the Swiss made replica Rolex watches. These affordable duplicate timepieces are quite attractive and display a mesmerizing display of the world’s well-known brands on your wrist.


Although Fossil’s Grant Automatic doesn’t quite compare to the Hublot Big Bang in terms of price, it nonetheless features the same skeleton design. Its successful combination of the past and the present, along with the usage of Roman numerals surrounding its dial, results in a clock with a great deal of charm.

In this watch, the beige skeleton dial features an opening in the middle of the face, black roman number markers, and brilliant silver-toned hands that display an extraordinary look. The 45 mm stainless steel casing helps to strengthen the structure of this timepiece. The automatic movement, which has self-winding capabilities, offers precise timekeeping.A buckle clasp holds the brown leather strap strongly in place. This watch has a 2-year warranty and is 50-meter water resistant.

Ending Thoughts

Do not believe the myth that a high-quality watch must be expensive. All of the timepieces on this list of the best cheap watches with real charm are fashionable, high-quality choices that fall within the range of most budgets. There is a watch for every taste and situation, from the Seiko 5 Sports to the Fossil Grant Automatic. There’s no need to buy a watch that is poorly constructed or poorly designed when there are so many excellent options available nowadays. Invest in a watch that looks excellent, works well, and will last for many years.


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